Water Pipe Repair Service

Do you need water pipe repair service in Seattle-Tacoma? Water lines are the lifelines to any home. They must be kept clean and maintained at all times to ensure safe and reliable water supply throughout the house. If you’re facing water pipe or drainage problems in the Seattle-Tacoma area, I Need A Plumber Now can help.

We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing contractor that’s happy to provide water pipe services in homes and commercial properties, including:

  • Inspection of the water lines
  • Repair and replacement of damaged pipes
  • Viable drainage solutions

We have been offering water pipe services in King and Pierce Counties since 2005. We’re well-versed in the problems homeowners often face with piping, and our team is always ready to cater to both emergencies and routine water line calls.

Two of the most common problems we see involve drainage systems and water pipe repair.

Drainage Pipe Solutions

The drainage system of any home or property must be in the best working condition to prevent damaging water and residue buildup.

Call us if you’ve been noticing any of the following problems in your home:

  • Water buildup
  • Sewer backup
  • Slow drains

These problems arise when the drainage pipe from your home has begun to malfunction. There could be a breakage somewhere, the pipe could be leaking, or something else could be affecting its function. Whatever it is, we take pride in providing quality drain pipe repair solutions that last.

Piping repair

Water piping goes beyond convenience — a malfunctioning water pipe could compromise not just your home, but your family’s health. In these situations, it’s imperative to work with a plumbing company you trust.

I Need A Plumber Now provides solutions that are lasting, cost-effective, and high quality. Our plumbers have a combined many decades of experience with pipes of all materials including plastic, copper, and concrete.

Whatever your water line needs, we can help you find the solution. If you’re facing problems with your plumbing system, call us at 206-451-1673. All estimates are free!