Sewer Cleaning

Get sewer cleaning service in Seattle-Tacoma from I Need a Plumber Now. Are you experience slow-moving drains or waste water backing up? These and more can be absolute headaches for homeowners and businesses dealing with clogged sewer lines.

If you’re experiencing similar problems, you need professional help. I Need A Plumber Now is a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company that’s been serving residents of King and Pierce Counties since 2005.

State-of-the-art modern tools and techniques for sewer cleaning

One problem with sewer cleaning for everyday plumbers is having the right equipment that allows them to precisely locate the problem and determine its extent. Our technicians, on the other hand, have state-of-the-art modern tools and techniques that allow them to thoroughly and efficiently clear drains and sewer lines. This equipment includes specialized video cameras, hydro jetting, and, if needed, trenchless sewer repair.

Whatever your sewer cleaning needs, I Need A Plumber Now has you covered. If you have a clogged sewer line in the Seattle-Tacoma area, give us a call at 206-451-1673, or email us via the contact us form on our website.