Sewer Cleaning Des Moines

Do you live on a property that uses a sewer or septic tank in Des Moines, WA? If so, when was the last time you scheduled sewer cleaning for your tank? If you’re not sure, it might be time to call the team at I Need a Plumber Now.

We serve home and business owners with our sewer cleaning services that:

  • Eliminate small blockages before they become problems
  • Assess the health of your tank and lines
  • Advise you on sewer cleaning maintenance schedules

With regular sewer cleaning, you’ll keep your tank investment in top shape so that it continues to work for many years to come. Our Des Moines technicians are highly trained and offer affordable sewer drain cleaning costs that makes it easy to call us today.

We also promise to arrive quickly, do the work efficiently and work without affecting your daily activities.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Des Moines

Have you tried sewer drain snakes to clean out blockages, only to find that the problem returns in a few weeks or months? This is because most people don’t use the right size of snake, or they don’t snake the drain far enough down to push the blockage into the tank.

Our hydro-jetting and sewer drain cleaning services address this problem. Instead of using snakes, we use hydrojets that push the blockages all the way into your tank, where they:

  • Won’t affect future waste from draining
  • Can be easily sucked up when your tank is cleaned
  • Won’t cause any damage to your sewer lines

When you’re searching online for a Des Moines sewer and drain cleaning company near me, think of us. We have plenty of happy customers who can vouch for us!

Des Moines Clogged Sewer Line

Des Moines property owners who notice slow-moving drains should call us ASAP. This is because the water and waste could be moving slowly because of a clogged sewer line, which can cause:

  • Sewage to backup your pipes and into your home or business
  • Pipes to break
  • Waste water to pool on your property

Don’t let it get that bad! Call us when you notice the first signs of slow-moving drains. We’ll arrive with our main sewer line cleaner tools and get to work. Don’t worry; even if it’s an emergency, our sewer line cleaning costs are affordable.

Don’t wait for your pipes to back up to call I Need a Plumber Now for sewer cleaning in Des Moines. Schedule your appointment today by calling us at (206) 577-7729.